The beginning

Welcome to Artemis Quivers!

I have been meaning to start this thing for months. Literal months. I finally bit down hard and decided it could no longer wait. My boyfriend helped me brainstorm ideas and together we came up with Artemis Quivers. 

As my boyfriend and I continue to reach new heights in our sex life, sex toys have become more and more enticing to me. Not that I didn’t enjoy them before, but I didn’t know them like I do now. That’s not to say I am an expert. Far from it. I just have a greater understanding and respect for sex toys being in a long-term, loving, and ever evolving sexual relationship (and that’s not to say you need to have any of that to enjoy sex toys- it’s just what helped me). I see them as a way to enhance and explore our sexuality together and therefore enhance our sex life, sexual relationship and ultimately our relationship and lives as a whole. 

Thank you and again, welcome! 

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