Impulse Buying

I am an impulse sex toy buyer. I purchased another toy this week after receiving my beautiful Bad Dragon Stan. Tantus was having an unbeatable sale on their Flurry, one of the toys on my wish list! It was originally going to be like 80+ dollars for me to order including shipping, but they were offering it for $20, totally 32.33 with shipping. How could I pass that up? I mean, just HOW? So I didn’t. I ordered a Flurry in Candy (pink) and it should be here in a few days! I cannot wait to try it out. It is a smaller dildo than my Stan with more g-spot stimulation, so I am really excited to see how I like it. I am working hard on my Stan review and I should have that up for you soon, as well as some others. I am so thrilled that my sex toy collection is growing with some high quality silicone dildos.

Lelo Luna Beads

Luna Beads Box

This wasn’t my first experience using kegel balls, but that was many years ago, and I only used those once- so for all intents and purposes, I really am new to the kegel game. I had tried doing them on my own (ya know, the squeezing technique) but wasn’t really sure if I was doing it right or if I was even doing anything at all. I have never really been able to get much out of vaginal penetration and figured strengthening up my pc muscle and investing in a g-spot toy would be the best way to get started. After reading Epiphora’s many praises of the Luna Beads, I went with her recommendations to get the regular size instead of the mini’s.

I have a list of toys I want set up kind of like the old school Netflix que, so the next one on my list was the Luna Beads. I ordered them on a whim one Sunday when I realized I was way under budget and really wanted a new toy. I was so excited to get them that I was incessantly tracking them. I ordered them directly from Lelo and used the 20% off I got from completing the Global Sex Survey 2015. It took them longer than I was hoping to send me the email that they got sent off (the original processing emails were very timely), so I contacted them. Right after I emailed them, I noticed they had sent me the confirmation email that they had been sent off using good ‘ol USPS. My email got sent into their ticketing system and a complaint ticket was created- complete with a link to monitor the progress of the complaint. I have no experience for how well they handle things after this point, but at this stage you have decent access to managing your ticket/complaint. I was able to close the ticket easily by emailing them.

I was ecstatic when they arrived, but unfortunately had to run to work. I could hear them rattling from the packaging and told my boyfriend so. He didn’t realize they were supposed to rattle and suggested we open them before I left for work to make sure they weren’t broken. They are beautiful. I will admit though, I didn’t realize the plastic was clear enough to be able to see the inner beads. I even had to confirm with Epiphora’s pictures that they were supposed to look like that. To me, they look a little cheap being able to see the inner bead like that, but I also think it’s kind of cool to see their inner workings.

I first tried them on my period, and I feel like my vagina fit them a bit better on my period, but they fit just fine normally as well. The blood obviously washed off of everything fine (they are made from hard plastic with a silicone harness; non-porous toys should never stain because of blood). I used both pink balls to start. I could feel them slightly when bending and getting up out of bed. I didn’t experiment too much with jumping or anything- although I did thrust the air vigorously and still couldn’t feel them much. The next time I tried them was after my period, and I could definitely feel them more that time, basically any time I moved. I can’t really feel them when being jostled while on my back, but laying on my side- especially with a leg thrown over my boyfriend and him rocking me- oooo! Oooo baby! My boyfriend comically humped me in the spooning position and that felt really good but wore out my vagina a bit.

Luna Beads

Something of note- when my vagina started to feel worn out, I took them out and we started having sex immediately after. It was feeling amazing for both of us. He said I felt a bit tighter than normal, and I felt a lot more stimulation from penetration than I normally do. Adding in the tango was an unbelievable combination. Unfortunately, our friend knocked on the door a few seconds after I started using the tango so we had to cut things short, but it felt amazing.

I can’t wait to keep using these and see my strength go up. I have yet to see any significant change to my orgasms, although every time I have sex lately I’ve been more and more in tune with internal stimulation. I’m not sure if it is because I’m getting more in tune with my g-spot or the Luna Beads though. I have yet to use the blue balls as I want to ease into it rather than doing a rigorous routine, and I plan to buy some heavier beads at some point. I feel like I will always like these for the fun and sexy sensations, even if I have surpassed the capacity for strengthening they provide.

Final conclusions: LIKE!! Definitely money well spent. If you are looking for a body safe set of kegel balls for strengthening or just for fun, I recommend these! They are a bit pricier than some, but they are body safe and really high quality (plus you can usually find a discount on them if you time it right between SheVibe and the Global Sex Survey which Lelo seems to do yearly).


Photo from Bad Dragon of my Stan
Photo from Bad Dragon of my Stan

After all the agonizing over what colors and what toy I would get, I made another impulse decision. This time with Bad Dragon’s adoption page. I had zero plans of buying a Bad Dragon toy today, let alone this month, as I was fully prepared to purchase a VixSkin Mustang. However, I followed a link and saw the most amazingly beautiful toy that was only $55 and I couldn’t resist. I really couldn’t. I also threw in a package of Teenie Weenies because, well I was already paying for shipping so why the hell not! Bad Dragon just started a promotion, that they have now permanently adopted, where your toy ships the next day or it’s free (conditions apply). However, since I ordered on a Friday, my Stan won’t be shipped until Monday, and since I bought the 1-5 business day FedEx, it probably won’t be here until Friday. However, I luckily have the day off Friday and I can’t wait to play with it all day on Friday. Yaaaaa buddy. I am soo excited!!! Anyway, I will update on Twitter when it arrives, and will hopefully do a review on it soon! Stay tuned!!

What will my next toy be??

A lot has been going on this past month. I’ve nearly doubled the hours I was working, my boyfriend went back to school, and I got my first review out. I have more reviews on the way, and hopefully will have more toys on the way!! If you haven’t already, check out my ever expanding wish list. While it isn’t really in any particular order (or comprehensive in the least!), I do keep a personal order of what type of toys I would like to buy. My previous toy was a kegel exerciser, hence I bought my Luna Beads. Next up is a gspotter! I am beyond horribly indecisive though, and my list started out insurmountably long. It was then narrowed down to twelve, then to eight, then more added, then down to four, then more added, then back down to four, and now I’m down to two. The VixSkin Mustang and the Tantus Flurry 02. I really wish they still made the Mustang in the flour-a-green, because that would be my top choice. I’m between a flesh tone and the flour-a-pink. I normally dislike pink, but it’s so electric it is very tempting.

I have owned a few vibrators that were probably designed to be insertable/thrusting toys, but I almost never used them this way because it did nothing for me. However, now my gspot is more alive than ever, and I am so excited to finally own a body-safe dildo that I will actually use. While I have c-shaped toys, I don’t have any insertable toys that I thrust with or any that really stimulate my gspot. My Thrill and Couple definitely opened the door to my gspot, but it still needs loads of help. I have come so far just with that little nudge of the c-shaped toys already. I used to get absolutely zero stimulation from penetration, and now penetrative sex greatly adds to my pleasure. I am so excited to see what sexual doors this toy opens for me (if I ever decide on one!).

Anyway, time seems to get away from me much easier now that I am working more. I can’t believe it took me so long to get my first review out, but hopefully it won’t take weeks for the next. My Luna Beads review is about done, and I expect to do a follow up on that with regards to the strengthening aspect of it down the road. I am also wanting to do a few reviews on reusable menstrual products and possibly lingerie, as well as the other toys I currently own. I will try to keep posting updates as well as reviews and other things I deem worthy, who knows. I want this blog to be a fun way for me to document, explore and enrich my sex life.

We-Vibe Couple 2+ 

WeVibe couple 2+ Side 2WeVibe couple 2+extended

I used to really adore this toy in that it allowed me to get off during sex in ways I had never been able to before. I used to get zero stimulation from penetration and my clit was the only way I could get off, and even then it was a battle. So the 2+ allowed me to go from “struggling-to-have-an-orgasm-in-an-awkward-position-while-my-boyfriend-touches-me-and-having-to-stop-penetration-until-I-cum” to “being-able-to-struggle-to-have-an-orgasm-in-more-comfortable-positions”. So this alone was groundbreaking to me. I mean honestly, I was able to have an orgasm during penetrative sex, no awkward positions, no pauses, no worn out hands.

Although it didn’t always work as planned. I often had a pinching sensation from the internal arm, not entirely sure how, but it happened. It also wiggled around a ton, so I almost always had to hold it steady and press it into my clit to get solid vibrations. Steady vibrations are crucial for me to be able to get off, so the motor slipping out of place can be really frustrating. But all of this was easily overshadowed by the fact that HELLO- ORGASMS DURING SEX!! This was so new and amazing to me at the time I wouldn’t have cared if it played the ice cream truck song.

Anyway, now that I have my beloved Tango, going back to this is kind of a sad revelation. I’ve had the 2+ for oh maybe 8 months, and I went back to it today after having the Tango for about 3 months. My hand kept getting stuck under me (we had sex with me laying on my stomach and him behind) and almost an hour later my wrist still feels numb from the awkward angle and lack of circulation. I use it almost solely on the highest vibration setting, using the constant vibration rather than a pattern. I do not need really intense vibrations to get off, so even though it isn’t as powerful as the Tango, I was still able to get off, but it was a pretty pathetic orgasm. I did feel some light contractions but it just petered off and was disappointing.

I love We-Vibe, and I want to love all of their products so much, but the 2+ doesn’t really cut it for me anymore. Maybe if I could get off solely from penetration the vibrations would be a nice addition, but as someone who relies almost solely on vibrations this doesn’t really cut it anymore when I’ve got my Tango. The 2+ doesn’t really stay in place and the internal arm doesn’t really add much since it moves around and can easily be pushed to the side and nowhere near my g-spot.

Despite all the negatives, this will always be the first toy that allowed me to orgasm during penetrative sex, which is something I will never forget. I also think the internal arm has paved the way to awakening my g-spot, and for that I am forever grateful.

I don’t think you can actually get the 2+ anymore, but We-Vibe just released the We-Vibe Classic. It is in the original shape of the couple, but with better vibrations, 10 modes, an app, a remote, fully waterproof, etc. It also comes with the new matte silicone, which doesn’t attract lint and cat hair like crazy as my 2+ does. If you really loved this shape, the Classic could be a really great toy for you. I haven’t tried it yet, but I really want to.