We-Vibe Couple 2+ 

WeVibe couple 2+ Side 2WeVibe couple 2+extended

I used to really adore this toy in that it allowed me to get off during sex in ways I had never been able to before. I used to get zero stimulation from penetration and my clit was the only way I could get off, and even then it was a battle. So the 2+ allowed me to go from “struggling-to-have-an-orgasm-in-an-awkward-position-while-my-boyfriend-touches-me-and-having-to-stop-penetration-until-I-cum” to “being-able-to-struggle-to-have-an-orgasm-in-more-comfortable-positions”. So this alone was groundbreaking to me. I mean honestly, I was able to have an orgasm during penetrative sex, no awkward positions, no pauses, no worn out hands.

Although it didn’t always work as planned. I often had a pinching sensation from the internal arm, not entirely sure how, but it happened. It also wiggled around a ton, so I almost always had to hold it steady and press it into my clit to get solid vibrations. Steady vibrations are crucial for me to be able to get off, so the motor slipping out of place can be really frustrating. But all of this was easily overshadowed by the fact that HELLO- ORGASMS DURING SEX!! This was so new and amazing to me at the time I wouldn’t have cared if it played the ice cream truck song.

Anyway, now that I have my beloved Tango, going back to this is kind of a sad revelation. I’ve had the 2+ for oh maybe 8 months, and I went back to it today after having the Tango for about 3 months. My hand kept getting stuck under me (we had sex with me laying on my stomach and him behind) and almost an hour later my wrist still feels numb from the awkward angle and lack of circulation. I use it almost solely on the highest vibration setting, using the constant vibration rather than a pattern. I do not need really intense vibrations to get off, so even though it isn’t as powerful as the Tango, I was still able to get off, but it was a pretty pathetic orgasm. I did feel some light contractions but it just petered off and was disappointing.

I love We-Vibe, and I want to love all of their products so much, but the 2+ doesn’t really cut it for me anymore. Maybe if I could get off solely from penetration the vibrations would be a nice addition, but as someone who relies almost solely on vibrations this doesn’t really cut it anymore when I’ve got my Tango. The 2+ doesn’t really stay in place and the internal arm doesn’t really add much since it moves around and can easily be pushed to the side and nowhere near my g-spot.

Despite all the negatives, this will always be the first toy that allowed me to orgasm during penetrative sex, which is something I will never forget. I also think the internal arm has paved the way to awakening my g-spot, and for that I am forever grateful.

I don’t think you can actually get the 2+ anymore, but We-Vibe just released the We-Vibe Classic. It is in the original shape of the couple, but with better vibrations, 10 modes, an app, a remote, fully waterproof, etc. It also comes with the new matte silicone, which doesn’t attract lint and cat hair like crazy as my 2+ does. If you really loved this shape, the Classic could be a really great toy for you. I haven’t tried it yet, but I really want to.

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