What will my next toy be??

A lot has been going on this past month. I’ve nearly doubled the hours I was working, my boyfriend went back to school, and I got my first review out. I have more reviews on the way, and hopefully will have more toys on the way!! If you haven’t already, check out my ever expanding wish list. While it isn’t really in any particular order (or comprehensive in the least!), I do keep a personal order of what type of toys I would like to buy. My previous toy was a kegel exerciser, hence I bought my Luna Beads. Next up is a gspotter! I am beyond horribly indecisive though, and my list started out insurmountably long. It was then narrowed down to twelve, then to eight, then more added, then down to four, then more added, then back down to four, and now I’m down to two. The VixSkin Mustang and the Tantus Flurry 02. I really wish they still made the Mustang in the flour-a-green, because that would be my top choice. I’m between a flesh tone and the flour-a-pink. I normally dislike pink, but it’s so electric it is very tempting.

I have owned a few vibrators that were probably designed to be insertable/thrusting toys, but I almost never used them this way because it did nothing for me. However, now my gspot is more alive than ever, and I am so excited to finally own a body-safe dildo that I will actually use. While I have c-shaped toys, I don’t have any insertable toys that I thrust with or any that really stimulate my gspot. My Thrill and Couple definitely opened the door to my gspot, but it still needs loads of help. I have come so far just with that little nudge of the c-shaped toys already. I used to get absolutely zero stimulation from penetration, and now penetrative sex greatly adds to my pleasure. I am so excited to see what sexual doors this toy opens for me (if I ever decide on one!).

Anyway, time seems to get away from me much easier now that I am working more. I can’t believe it took me so long to get my first review out, but hopefully it won’t take weeks for the next. My Luna Beads review is about done, and I expect to do a follow up on that with regards to the strengthening aspect of it down the road. I am also wanting to do a few reviews on reusable menstrual products and possibly lingerie, as well as the other toys I currently own. I will try to keep posting updates as well as reviews and other things I deem worthy, who knows. I want this blog to be a fun way for me to document, explore and enrich my sex life.

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