Photo from Bad Dragon of my Stan
Photo from Bad Dragon of my Stan

After all the agonizing over what colors and what toy I would get, I made another impulse decision. This time with Bad Dragon’s adoption page. I had zero plans of buying a Bad Dragon toy today, let alone this month, as I was fully prepared to purchase a VixSkin Mustang. However, I followed a link and saw the most amazingly beautiful toy that was only $55 and I couldn’t resist. I really couldn’t. I also threw in a package of Teenie Weenies because, well I was already paying for shipping so why the hell not! Bad Dragon just started a promotion, that they have now permanently adopted, where your toy ships the next day or it’s free (conditions apply). However, since I ordered on a Friday, my Stan won’t be shipped until Monday, and since I bought the 1-5 business day FedEx, it probably won’t be here until Friday. However, I luckily have the day off Friday and I can’t wait to play with it all day on Friday. Yaaaaa buddy. I am soo excited!!! Anyway, I will update on Twitter when it arrives, and will hopefully do a review on it soon! Stay tuned!!

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