TMI Tuesday 10/26/15

Sex…ohhh yeah!

dimlight sex_tmi

1. Sex. What are your areas of expertise?

Well my boyfriend tells me I’m amazing at everything, but he really loves my hand jobs and blow jobs- no surprise there. I have also excelled lately at getting myself off!

2. How long have you been having sex?

Hmm. Almost 8 years?

3. What time of day do you prefer to have sex?
a. morning
b. afternoon
c. night

Well, I think I’ve been horniest in the afternoon lately, but whenever feels right!

4. Do you charge for sex? Money or some other means of payment?

Nope, I have sex when and because I want to and it feels right. I don’t want to do anything because I think I’ll get something out of it.

5. How long does your average sexual encounter last?

Uh about 45 mins? more than an hour? I only keep track when we have a quickie and I’m running late for work!

6. Do you have a safe word? What is it?

Not specifically. Stop or no works well for us right now.

Bonus: Ever had sex so good you broke things or something?

Not that I remember.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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