TMI Tuesday 11/24/15

At 6:30 this morning I realized that I forgot to write TMI Tuesday. So from the comfort of my bed I created TMI Tuesday with questions compiled from my 2010 blog The Pleasure Principle

TMI Flashback

1. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed… romance, experimentation or foreplay?

Hmm probably foreplay, our romance and experimentation game is fairly strong

2. What are three mistakes someone could make on the first date with you that would automatically make you turn down a second date with them?

Well I’m not dating anymore, but probably:

3- being on their phones

2- being rude to waiters/servers

1- anyway unwanted or aggressive sexual behaviors or stories/suggestions of such

3 Tell us something sexual you do not do anymore? Why?

hmm. I’m not sure there’s anything that I used to do that I don’t do anymore. Maybe rougher stuff like choking or hair pulling- it just doesn’t really fit with my sex life at the moment. I have nothing against it, and maybe that will change, it just isn’t something that’s happened.

4. During sex would you rather have a lover: (pick only one)
a. pull your hair
b. scratch your back
c. spank your ass

OOOO such a good question!!! So good! We typically go with C- spank your ass, however lately massage my back has been rising in popularity. I know that’s not an option, but it should be. I used to enjoy A- pull your hair, but it’s not something I’ve done lately, not even sure if I’d still like it.

5. Foreplay: Is there such a thing as too much? If it’s the kind of foreplay I wouldn’t be able to orgasm from, it could get frustrating.

Bonus: What is the best thing about you?

Hm. well my boyfriend’s first response was how snuggle-able I am, after some prodding he said “your sweet sweet butt…MAKE SURE THEY KNOW I’M JOKING. But you do have a sweet sweet butt” It’s a hard question.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

TMI Tuesday 11/17/15

Truly TMI Tuesday. What are you hiding?


1. Tell us something you like but you hide it from your friends because you think they well make fun of you or not understand.

Hm. Well, I don’t have many friends but I’m pretty much an open book with them, but everyone else I very much operate on need to know. I am very hard to read and at work people constantly imply the whole “beware of the quiet ones”/”we know there’s so much more to you that you are letting on but we have no idea” mantra.

2. Tell us something you hide from you family because they would be ashamed of you.

I keep a lot from my family, but I don’t think it has to do with them being ashamed of me. I think it more has to do with not wanting to deal with potential judgement, opinions, or advice.

3. What do you hide from your kids because they just don’t need to know?

No kids, one cat- I don’t hide anything from him.

4. When was the last time you hid from something or someone?

Literally? Probably in a grocery store when I saw someone I had met at a meetup the weekend before and had a very awkward interaction with.

5. What things or objects do you hide regularly?

Nothing really, I hide my phone screen a lot because my family doesn’t know about my blog and/or I’m at work and it’s super NSFW, although my work probably wouldn’t care they’d just understand a WHOLE lot more about me.

Bonus: What did someone hide and you found?

My mom used to (very poorly) hide her rabbits and I stumbled upon them many a times.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Remington PG6025 Trimmer Review

remington trimmer 2
The Remington with all of its different heads and attachments

I used to be really concerned about my pubic hair. I felt very obliged to keep my vulva shaved and felt very self conscious about the idea of being seen by a partner un-kempt. However, shaving was very irritating for my super sensitive skin. I would break out and get ingrown hairs. I had a very long dry spell and then jumped into a long distance relationship, so for the most part I just let it be and shaved up every now and then when I felt like it. With the approach of my boyfriend returning, I became very anxious about my pube situation. I tried using exfoliating shave gels and another trimmer designed for the “bikini area”. Nothing worked and it all left me feeling nicked and ugly.

Approach Black Friday 2014 and I see a beard trimmer on sale for cheap. I can’t remember, but I think I paid about $30. I bite the bullet and assume they are going to put more effort into a male facial trimmer that looks like it’s designed to be around sensitive skin than the frou-frou shit they pull together for women. Lo-and-behold! I cannot believe how easily this changed everything! It makes trimming so easy and quick. I actually prefer to have some hair now to being totally shaved, but the trimmer makes this so easy to keep it tidy and short how I like it, and can even do minimal designs. I tried a lightening bolt once but my pubes are very dark but not very full and thick so it didn’t look very bolt-y. I usually stick to landing strips or triangles now.

It felt so safe against my skin and it worked without pulling (occasionally if it needs to be recharged and my hair is longer it can pull). It came with different guards and interchangeable tips. The foil shaver works, but can still leave me itchy and sensitive so I don’t really use it much. I mostly just use the regular trimmer head. It holds its charge very well and I’ve only had to charge it a handful of times. Granted- I only use it about twice a month- my boyfriend has a very similar model and has to charge his more often but he uses it for his face which he uses much more regularly.

One big downside- I don’t recommend using it around the butt. Not sure if I was just more reckless when I couldn’t see or what, but every time I’ve tried I’ve nicked myself. I won’t let it happen a third time!

All in all, I love it! I don’t feel any need to look any further for my pube needs. This thing covers it all and is easy and basic and that’s all there is to it. I forgot how much I used to stress about my pubes, now it’s no issue at all. It provides me the freedom to do exactly what I want with my pubes.

Reckless Rousey

Recently, Ronda Rousey made some comments that were horribly misguided and isolating for many. I hadn’t commented on it before because I was considering what to say, and many, many people had commented already. However, Rousey just keeps giving me ample opportunities to reply. I feel obligated to voice my concerns despite the numerous, phenomenal responses already, because if by some chance even one person stumbles upon my blog before any of the others who have so amazingly responded, I need them to know they are not wrong or broken or lazy. Not to mention, I want to flood the internet with the truth about lube instead of this nonsense that Rousey is spouting.

Shall we begin?

The first half of her comments were well meant- men, and all people, should take their time if that is what their partner wants and needs. She should have stopped there, but she didn’t. She shamed men by saying if their partner needed lube they were being lazy and inattentive, and she shamed women who may need or prefer lube for any reason (and they are many!). And then there’s the whole issue of her assuming everyone’s in a cis-gendered, heterosexual relationship. Then she got all defensive and instead of saying something along the lines of “I’m sorry, I never considered any reality but my own, and as a public figure I see how that could be a very damaging issue” she dug herself deeper. She called people defending lube and it’s greatness “gritty kitty bitches” and said they were “working with a sandbox”. I personally use lube for vaginal and oral sex as well as masturbation and when I’m using my hands on my boyfriend. So I’m not sure if she just doesn’t understand how sex works but using the term sandbox doesn’t always make sense even.

So why is a celebrity shaming people such an issue?

Rousey has gone from athlete sensation to that fiesty figure people look to on how to be cool. And that’s a problem when she’s dishing out sex advice she knows nothing about beyond limited personal experience. Sex is already something our society lacks proper education on and when our “cool models” (instead of role models?) tell people there’s something wrong with them or they are lazy if they are using lube we are doing a disservice to everyone. Some people enjoy using lube and some absolutely need it, for whatever reason- like glasses. Rousey is essentially starting a “four eyes” insult for sex, except it’s not one that stops at emotional and psychological trauma. If someone needs lube and isn’t using it they put themselves at risk for sti’s, physical discomfort and pain, condoms breaking, avoiding sex, and much much worse.

If that has been Rousey’s reality thus far, there’s nothing wrong with that and maybe for her that’s a sign of a partner who is unconcerned with her pleasure. But where it becomes an issue is when she took her limited personal experience on the subject matter and extended it to everyone, regardless of gender, while still highly gendering everyone, if that’s possible. Saying “you should never need lube in your life” may sound like a sound argument if you’ve always been a heavy personal lube maker and aren’t engaging in anal play. However, you have no idea how hormonal changes or other medical changes later in life will affect your personal lube production. And let me tell you, if you are willing to just stop being sexual because you need lube, you might want to reevaluate your sex life. Trust me- I’ve been there! That is totally your choice to stop being sexual- but it’s absolutely not necessary! Lube is great! Sex is great! Lube makes sex great! It might take you some experimenting to find something you like, but lube exists for a reason. People need it, people like it! There’s nothing wrong, lazy or shameful about it. No matter what some famous person who gets punched in the face for a living tells you.

TMI Tuesday 11/10/15

Welcome to another TMI Tuesday. Step in to my office, have a lie down on the comfy couch…

TMI Therapy

1. What brings you here, to TMI Tuesday blog?

I wanted something fun to break up the time between reviews and other posts on my blog.

2. Have you played TMI Tuesday before? How often do you play?

Yes, the last two weeks.

3. What’s your problem?

Negativity and getting too caught up in it. My brain loves to take me to some dark places.

4. How does playing TMI Tuesday make you feel?

I always feel like I’m going to have amazing answers and then I never really have anything exciting to say.

5. Does TMI Tuesday help you get ideas for writing?

Hm. Not yet, but it might!

6. Is playing TMI Tuesday therapy for you?

Not exactly, but it is a nice way to organize a few random thoughts each week

Bonus: If you could wave a magic wand, what positive changes would you make happen in your life? Do you need a magic wand to make the changes?

Probably to help me get rid of the negativity and focus on the positives. Of course I don’t need a magic wand, but let’s face it- changes are hard and take a lot of work. So, while a magic wand would be easier, I don’t have one so I’ll just have to keep plugging along on my own.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Life update- 11/5/15

I know, I know! You haven’t gotten those reviews I’ve promised, but I am working on it. Things have gone from busy to “When the hell did it become November, it’s not still September?” very quickly. I am apprehensive about getting into it because I’m actually a really private person when it comes down to it. So here’s the short of it- we had a coworker leave work so I’m picking up her shifts, and I am in training to assume an advanced interim position- which is actually extremely exciting and challenging in the best way. However, this means work went from a very flexible part-time job to full-time and staying late most days in about two weeks. Then we had a very sudden death in the family which is causing family drama, lots of scrambling to make arrangements and organize/find everything, and most importantly those closest to him are struggling to accept this massive hole in their lives. My mom and her mother were hit the hardest, and naturally my mom is worried about her mother, and I am worried about both of them. Then this week my dad’s father went in for a procedure that did not go well, but we don’t really know much else at this point.

I thought this kind of whirl wind stuff only happened in the movies, but I guess I should be used to the fact that when it rains it pours by now. I am handling it pretty well I think at this point. I’m just glad that I can be far enough from the emotional side of everything (in that I did not know him very well) that I can help my mom handle all the arrangements and technical side of things, because frankly, that’s the last thing a grieving person should have to worry about.

But I am working on those reviews and one day I will release them! So thank you for being patient with me, things are hard around here, but I’m hanging in there.

TMI Tuesday 11/3/15

Welcome to the lovely month of November and to TMI Tuesday.

play tmi tuesday

1. Are there any literary or TV/movie relationships that remind you of one of your real life relationships?

Not my current relationship, but I’ve had past relationships very similar to some rather negatively portrayed relationships

2. Would you rather make a

a. phone call- long rant/conversation
b. text- something quick or casual
c. email- something business related so it’s in writing

3. What are you wanting more of in your sex life right now?

More sex in general, more sensuality, more caressing. We are getting better, just still pretty clumsy with it

4. If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are living right now?

I think about this a lot and can never determine an answer. I like to think about it to force my hand into living the most fulfillng life for me, but I just don’t know. I guess more adventure and learning and seeing new things.

5. Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you’d know_____.

I’m not as nice or innocent as I appear

Bonus: If you could change one thing about how you were raised as a child, what would it be?

Wow! Hmm. Wow… Probably something related to how my parents handled sibling relationships or my mom’s lack of holding me accountable.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!