Life update- 11/5/15

I know, I know! You haven’t gotten those reviews I’ve promised, but I am working on it. Things have gone from busy to “When the hell did it become November, it’s not still September?” very quickly. I am apprehensive about getting into it because I’m actually a really private person when it comes down to it. So here’s the short of it- we had a coworker leave work so I’m picking up her shifts, and I am in training to assume an advanced interim position- which is actually extremely exciting and challenging in the best way. However, this means work went from a very flexible part-time job to full-time and staying late most days in about two weeks. Then we had a very sudden death in the family which is causing family drama, lots of scrambling to make arrangements and organize/find everything, and most importantly those closest to him are struggling to accept this massive hole in their lives. My mom and her mother were hit the hardest, and naturally my mom is worried about her mother, and I am worried about both of them. Then this week my dad’s father went in for a procedure that did not go well, but we don’t really know much else at this point.

I thought this kind of whirl wind stuff only happened in the movies, but I guess I should be used to the fact that when it rains it pours by now. I am handling it pretty well I think at this point. I’m just glad that I can be far enough from the emotional side of everything (in that I did not know him very well) that I can help my mom handle all the arrangements and technical side of things, because frankly, that’s the last thing a grieving person should have to worry about.

But I am working on those reviews and one day I will release them! So thank you for being patient with me, things are hard around here, but I’m hanging in there.

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