Schick Quattro Trimstyle

Schick Quatro Trim Style

The Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle (the “For Women” is extremely important and mandatory apparently… *sigh*) had pretty good reviews online. At least compared to the other “for women bikini trimmers”. I shudder to think what those would have been like. The trimmer head on this is too narrow and the motor is very weak. It makes trimming with this an agonizingly long and painful process. I would have to go over an area multiple times to get it to work and to get the hair to go into the guard to be trimmed. I remember the trimmer pulling and nicking, even with the guard on. The few times I took the guard off I nicked myself very badly immediately. The thing runs on a battery, so I shouldn’t have been at all shocked that it was extremely lackluster at best and painful at worst. I will admit the design is fairly attractive, the razor on the other end was also a decent shaving razor for my legs, and it’s at least splashproof, but that’s about as far as the compliments go. I threw it out once I got my favorite trimmer and the razor was dull.

I cannot recommend this trimmer. I don’t think it’s necessary to spend about $15 for something that basically only works as a normal shaving razor. It’s a nice razor, but not worth that price. If you are looking for a trimmer as an alternative to shaving, this is not a good option, I recommend this.

You might like it if:

-You are only concerned with aesthetics

-You are more interested in a good shaving razor (and are willing to pay the price)

-You need to use it in the shower

-You only need to trim a small area

Don’t get it if:

-You want something that works well and quickly

-You have sensitive skin

-You are concerned about nicking/pulling

-You have a large area to trim

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