The New Year

Well, 2015 has been a very interesting year. I had a fantastic Christmas Eve and in case you missed my Twitter summary, I’ll re-post it all here (obviously copied and condensed):

Christmas Eve has always been more special to me than Christmas. The anticipation, the annual last minute shopping trip, the dinner. This year was the first year I couldn’t make our shopping trip because of work. I’m grateful for my job, but it wasn’t the same. Celebrating my Christmas Eve w/ my love & kitten, I forgot the champagne but have plenty of wine, baileys & hot chocolate & Chinese food. Just had amazing Christmas Eve sex to Christmas music and Netflix’s yule log fire. I have a good life. That was some of the most intimate, beautiful, relaxing sex I’ve ever had.

With the new year coming up, and it being my anniversary, I figured I should make a post wrapping up the year and documenting some of the changes happening in my life.

Key Moments of 2015:

I started this blog and reviewing sex toys

I started my first real job since graduating college

I went from part-time to full-time

I lost a family member

My partner and I moved in together

I orgasmed in front of someone other than me

I orgasmed during sex

Orgasming during sex became consistent

I went paintballing

I attended a wedding of a new friend

I had an amazing Christmas Eve

I survived the Christmas rush at work


Goals for 2016:

To get a new job

To find a program to go back to school for

To find a better birth control

To find a new place to live

To make more friends


Allover Favorite Toy of 2015: WeVibe Tango because it totally revolutionized my sex life

Favorite Vibrator of 2015: Magic Wand Rechargeable because the power during sex feels soo so good and brings me to my knees.

Favorite Dildo of 2015: Tantus Slow Drive Long because it hit the right spot perfectly and immediately

Favorite Month of 2015: July because of my Fourth of July, I was gaining knowledge at my job, and my boyfriend was enjoying his job. Things were in general very care-free and fun.

Speaking of 2016, wait for these reviews next year!

That’s about a wrap from me- I hope you all had a great year! I would love to hear about the highlights of your year in the comments!

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