Tantus Flurry

image2I ordered the Flurry in Tantus’ flash sale. Originally almost $80, I ended up spending $33. The discount code was “Hurry” and I was in such a hurry to place my order I completely forgot to put the code in. Luckily, Tantus was wonderful and discounted me the proper amount- more than $50- what a savings!! I couldn’t decide between the blue and pink. I had heard the blue was sold out, which it turns out it wasn’t, but it made my choice easier, and I went with pink. I am happy with my decision, especially since there is more of a color fade than is visible on their site. Though if I ever get a Cush, I will get it in blue. I like having a variety of colors.

You can really see the color fade here

I was so excited to finally get my first Tantus. I have heard so much about Tantus, the magical 02, dual density, silicone. I got an amazing deal on it and was impatiently waiting for it to arrive. All I could think about was the excitement and magic that would happen when I slipped this thing of beauty inside me.

I’ll take this time to talk about their O2. Many brands now are trying out the idea of pairing a softer, squishier silicone with a firmer silicone to give it a more realistic feeling. The firmer silicone is used for the core, while the softer silicone is for the outer dildo. Tantus’ O2 is definitely firmer than Vixen’s Dual Density VixSkin. I’m not sure if Tantus just has a thinner layer of their softer silicone (that’s what it feels like), but Vixen definitely has more squish, while still maintaining rigidity, than the Tantus O2. In use, I can’t really make out the O2, but it does feel more giving than the slow drive long. The O2 silicone feels more matte to me than the typical “sticky” silicone of softer toys, but it definitely isn’t a true matte, if that makes any sense. It will still definitely pick up cat hair and lint, but out of all of my silicone dildos, it probably has the least cling.

Now to the actual use: well it wasn’t instant magic, I’ll say that. It was easy and comfortable to insert, felt decent inside of me, but didn’t just “WOW” me right off the bat. I got some okay thrusting in, but I just don’t have the strength and stamina to thrust the way I need to. It was sufficient enough at just having something inside me to fill me up, but didn’t really do much unless I was thrusting, which I couldn’t maintain. It became frustrating and not very rewarding.

So, after a few solo adventures I had my boyfriend give it a go on me. He is an amazing dildo thruster! His speed and rhythm were so on point; it was wonderful. It was a very overwhelming and satisfying experience, and paired with my Tango, on a setting higher than I normally use, I had an explosive orgasm.  That being said, it still isn’t giving me those mind numbing, skin tingling sensations of “holy fuck THAT THAT THAT”. But I’m also still in the beginning stages of exploring penetration. It wasn’t until this past year I’ve been able to get anything out of vaginal stimulation at all.

With some more experience with dildos, I have ruled that while this is a fantastic quality dildo that is beautifully made, it just doesn’t do much for me. Dildos are a tough sell for me, keep in mind. I need very specific stimulation (mostly just my a-spot) for it to feel like anything more than just numb in and out. The Flurry does a decent job in letting me feel the sensation in my vagina, but it just doesn’t quite do it for me. I love Tantus and think they are a phenomenal brand, but this toy is not my favorite of theirs.

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