Life Update 3/13/16

I wish I was putting up a review today, but instead I have tons of exciting news as promised. Let’s break it down!

  • I just signed my lease on an amazing duplex. I love the area it is in, there are tons of great restaurants and shops in walking distance, including a liquor store and a really great little fine foods shop. It is so much bigger and has everything I was looking for except instead of getting two bathrooms, I got one small bathroom without an exhaust fan. But everywhere has sacrifices.
  • I am looking into getting my own domain name and web hosting!! I am learning so much about the process, I had no idea how detailed and intricate it was! Stay tuned for any possible changes!
  • I am finishing up a few last minute things for getting into grad school. It is really stressful and exciting. I am nervous if I’ll be able to handle working full time at my job and going to school full time, but I really want this and I can always drop to taking classes part time if I need to.
  • As part of the final steps in applying to grad school, I took my GMAT yesterday!! I was a bundle of nerves before, as you might have seen on my Twitter, but it is behind me now! I did not do as well as I wanted, but I will not let this hold me back from my dreams.

So, now I am just preparing and waiting for everything to happen. Which means thinking about how I am going to decorate, cleaning my current place to get ready to pack up everything, waiting to hear back from schools, defending my ability to succeed despite GMAT scores, and learning more about web hosting. This means a lot of exciting changes ahead for me and my blog. I cannot wait to share them with you!!

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