We-Vibe Tango

We-Vibe TangoHow do I even write a review for the Tango? It’s just that fucking awesome. Plus you’ve probably heard that numerous times, but I am beyond in love.

I got mine in my Passionate Play collection along with the We-Vibe 4+ and a white silk sash, so mine is in Ivory. I have debated owning more than one, and regret I didn’t purchase a second one when they still had a big sale going. There isn’t really much for me to say about it other than it is by far the best bullet vibe I have ever used. It has amazingly rumbly vibrations and it is pretty pinpoint to hit all the right spots. It is rechargeable, waterproof, a snap to clean, and it’s the Tango. It speaks for itself.


-In Use-

I use the Tango on the lower settings of the steady vibration, ramping it up after a while. I’m not very fond of patterns as they don’t do much for me, but the wave has a very teasing feeling to it. I rarely ever use it though, because I know I won’t orgasm from that, and I just get frustrated and switch to the steady vibrations. The lowest setting was usually enough to get me off (I’ve started wanting a bit more power), but I rarely go past the second to lowest setting when using it alone. If I am using it between my labia during sex, I ramp it up higher because the vibrations tend to get dulled. Keep in mind though, I do not need as strong of vibrations as some people might, but power is in no way something the Tango is lacking. I do not own any toys that would work as attachments for the Tango, so I currently only use it as a clit vibe, or occasionally on my boyfriends penis. I typically lay it flat against my clit, nestled between my labia. I use it while masturbating or during sex and it sometimes stays on its own during sex, but I usually hold the base of it steady so I can move it where my clit demands.

I have used it on my boyfriend and while it isn’t his favorite thing, he does occasionally enjoy it. He says he prefers it lower on his shaft because higher up already has too much sensation, especially if I am using my hands rather than just pressing the Tango onto him. He says he doesn’t think he could orgasm from the vibration alone, but it does provide interesting and new sensations that he enjoys.



The Tango, as with anything, does have its issues though. First, It’s pretty pin-point, which, while it may work well for me using it on myself, my boyfriend doesn’t have as much precision as I do. Which can be really frustrating needing it immediately on the left side of my clit, and then having to try to explain to my boyfriend what that means in the heat of the moment. My clit can be very demanding, there’s no shame in that, I just need to work around it sometimes. This also wouldn’t be great for people who need or prefer broader stimulation unless they were planning to use it as a bullet vibe inside a broader toy, but as I do not own any of those types of toys, I cannot say how well that would work.

The next issue I have is the controls. While it does pick up on the setting you left off on if you turn it off via the “hold for two seconds” method, there’s no way to tell what level/setting you are on without scrolling all the way through and turning it off and on again.  One button for everything. This one button also cannot be travel locked.

Another issue is the material. It is made of hard ABS plastic and the one button control is covered in silicone. The plastic can mean a lot of pressure and potential bruising from pressing or grinding too hard on it. Also, because there is a seam where silicone meets plastic it can catch gunk. Luckily it is waterproof so just make sure to really get in that seam.

The final issue that I struggle with, and I know I am not alone in this, is that they can be temperamental. I have heard numerous stories of them dying out fairly easily. Ticking, rattling, batteries dying, overheating when recharging. The Tango also has a magnetic charging base that doesn’t stay put too well and can be a pain when charging. Mine experiences some of these, but I still think it is worth it. Nothing is perfect I guess.


-Final Thoughts-

To understand how much the Tango really changed my sex life, you can read all about my orgasm journey. The Tango was the next step after my Couple 2+ that facilitated my sex life revolution.

We purchased the Passionate Play collection because my Couple 2+ was the most amazing thing I ever experienced during sex at that time and wanted the newest model. I loved that the collection included the limited edition Aqua color of the 4+ and the Ivory Tango. While I rarely use the Couple 4+ that came with the collection, I almost always reach for my Tango, even if to just have it close by during sex. It has become an integral part of sex for me now. While I use both my Tango and my MWR pretty interchangeably during sex now, my Tango will always hold a place in my heart as my most used, most successful, and most loved toy. It absolutely changed my life- I am now able to orgasm, hands-free, during sex. Which I honestly never thought would happen. I cannot thank We-Vibe enough.

My Orgasm Journey

I started this blog because I wanted a fun way to grow my toy collection and share it with the world. More importantly though, I struggled with the damaging messages I was told as a child and teen about sex. I needed a way to organize and get out my feelings on my past and wanted to join a sex positive community.

Due to genetic predisposition mixed with a string of traumatic events, I struggled with depression and anxiety. This meant medication in my teens that prevented me from being able to orgasm. I did not even have my first orgasm until I was 19, which at the time felt very old. I never much masturbated as I wasn’t ever strong enough to get anywhere with my hand and would tire quickly. I had plenty of experience with different partners and would get pleasure out of it, but never orgasmed. I was finally able to orgasm by myself after months of using a (definitely not body-safe) vibrator I bought from Spencer’s. I credit the vibrator and lack of medication for even being able to orgasm at all.

My orgasms then weren’t even anything special, but for me it was amazing and such a relief to be having them at all. Soon, I was able to use my hands to get myself off, and I could orgasm easily on my own. Flash forward a few years and I finally start dating again. However, with the stress of graduation approaching and job searching, my anxiety and depression kicked up ten fold. I went back on the meds, this time with a doctor who was actually concerned about my sexual well-being. My current partner and I struggled to overcome my insecurities about my inability to orgasm with a partner. The meds worked well for the depression and anxiety, but they devastatingly took away my ability to orgasm. Luckily, my doctor was more than willing to adjust my medication accordingly. This led to me buying my first body-safe toy: my We-Vibe Thrill. It ended in me going off the meds entirely. This was a tough decision to make and may not be the right decision for someone else. I had been on them long enough that they lifted me out of my really deep depression and had been able to stabilize. Being off of them was still a daily struggle, but for me, not having my orgasms was causing so much stress on its own that I figured I was better off fighting my demons in other ways.

Using the Thrill helped me get my orgasms back (because they don’t just magically come back right away after stopping the meds) but since it couldn’t really be used for PIV, we still struggled significantly to find a way to make sex enjoyable for me. We purchased the Couple 2+ next and enjoyed that, but knew there was more for me to experience. So, we purchased the Passionate Play collection, which included my Tango, and it completely changed our sex life. I went from hardly being able to experience mediocre orgasms to being able to orgasm fully and easily during sex. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of relief and joy when our sex life started to become much more fluid. From there, I felt comfortable enough with my body and our sex-life to start experimenting with more things instead of having to always be focusing on my orgasm. That is about the time I started this blog and when I really started trying more sex toys. I am so happy with the way things are going right now, but every now and then we have a few set-backs. Those set-backs remind me of how far I have come and how far I still have to go.

Audre by Blush

image_1When Blush contacted me to review for them I was a little hesitant. I knew that they carried toys that were porous and I hadn’t really heard much about them good or bad. Dangerous Lilly did cover them when talking about similar toy designs and that’s about the extent I knew of them. I told them I would love to review their products, but that I only review non-porous toys. They directed me to some of their silicone lines and I was instantly attracted to the Audre. All silicone, waterproof, rechargeable, and flexible?? I have been looking for a very specific toy, I love my Magic Wand Rechargeable and my We-Vibe Tango, but I wanted something of a combination of the two. I was really hoping the Audre could fill this role, which is why I was so excited to try it out, could this be my Goldie-Locks vibrator?

image_6The branding they chose for Audre is fairly anthropomorphic and very Victoria’s Secret-esque, which isn’t exactly my style, but I was willing to overlook that. I was sent the pink, and I like it, oddly enough; though I will always advocate for more unique colors. I love the silicone on it, it is a very soft, matte silicone that does a phenomenal job at repelling cat hair. In fact it’s one of my only silicone toys I can dry with a towel without any fuzz sticking to it. I just can’t stop handling it. It does have a smell to it that I can’t quite place, which is odd to me since silicone shouldn’t hold smells (Thank you so much to Dangerous Lilly for giving an amazingly thorough response to the smell question, which can be viewed in the comments section). I did contact them about it, and they said that they would ask their materials specialist. I was told that the smell may be due to the cleaning detergent during the finishing process and that it was safe and the smell should dissipate in time. So far the smell has lightened up, but it’s still a little odd to me. No one else I have talked to has experienced this and another reviewer, Gabby, flame tested it and said it performed as silicone should, which is very promising and validates what Blush told me.

I was so excited when it arrived, the first thing I did was take it out and squeeze and flex it. I love how flexible it is and the way it was done. The bottom where the controls are is somewhat squishy and the middle, the thinnest part, is where it flexes from. The toy charges through a small charging port on the bottom of the toy (the tabbed end rolls out in the direction the little arrow points, just make sure it is sealed closed before washing!!). It comes with the USB adapter and unlike the magnet of my Tango, it stays put very well. It flashes while charging, but the lights are fairly dim. While I haven’t timed it, the charge doesn’t seem to last the full 50 minutes. It has definitely died mid-sex more than once on me though, so make sure to keep it charged between uses. I think this is where those lights could be most helpful, a “low battery” flashing light would be great to remind me to charge it.


The Audre has 3 levels, and 4 patterns. I like to increase my power as I go, and the Audre has a good low/medium/high. I am not a huge fan of patterns, but the ones they have are nice. I wish the ramp-up one stayed at the highest setting just a bit longer, as it is extremely teasy. I also enjoy the faster pulsing. The buttons are very easy to push and are squishy, which I adore!! There is an on/off button that turns the device on/off, and then you have to hit the vibrate button to turn on the vibrations and cycle through the different settings. The problem with this is that I have accidentally hit the off button during sex when I meant to increase power, and I got turned around as to which button was which, interrupting the sex. You also need to scroll through all settings instead of having an up/down button. It’s not a deal breaker, but it can be annoying if I decide I bumped up the power too early.


It is hard for smaller, rechargeable toys to have a lot of power, but I think the Audre could hold its own. I was quite impressed with how strong it was when I opened it, though it does seem somewhat weaker than my Tango. I would say the highest setting was comparable to the second setting on the Tango. While I am used to the power on my MWR and Tango, I was still able to orgasm from the Audre. I however, do not require a ton of power to reach orgasm, but I do like having power. I would prefer the Audre to be a bit more powerful, and have one more power level, but for what it is, I think it works well enough, especially if you don’t need a ton of power.

-In Use-

On my clit during masturbation it performed how I expected. The toy was able to fit amazingly between my labia, which was awesome. I loved that it was just bulky enough to spread and hold my labia open. What I was really curious about though was during sex and internal stimulation. It is not an a-spot toy, which is my favorite sexual sensation. I was really impressed with how strong the vibrations felt internally as most internal vibrators I have tried have lost a lot of their vibration inside of me. While using my MWR on my clit and the Audre internally, I was really able to get something out of my g-spot which is very unusual for me. The flex was really great for this as I was able to push down on the bottom of the toy and have gentle pressure on my g-spot. The Audre also stayed in my vagina better than most other dildos I have, most just kind of work their way out, but the shape of the Audre really keeps it in place, though it will rotate if I do not hold on to it while it is vibrating. During face-to-face sex, with my boyfriend on top, it didn’t stab anyone like my MWR, but it did end up getting nudged into my stomach with every thrust which was fairly distracting and annoying. Since the toy is merely coated in silicone, rather than being all silicone, I wasn’t expecting a ton of squish, but it is actually pretty forgiving with me on top during sex and grinding on it, especially compared to the hard plastic of my Tango. However, between the two of us it did dampen the vibrations significantly, and I felt myself wanting more power even on the highest setting.

So how did it stack up with what I wanted? My biggest issue was wanting more power. I think being a vibrator, once you have body-safe materials, power is the next most important thing that defines a toy. As long as you have lower settings for people who don’t like more power or who like to slowly increase their power, you can’t go wrong with more power. I think I will continue to use this toy in my sex life, but will probably only use it in certain settings- during masturbation externally first, then internally while using my MWR; during the beginnings of sex with my partner to get things going before eventually switching to something with more power; or as a replacement for my Tango when my clit is already bruised or sore.


Thanks so much to Blush for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Bad Dragon Stan


You can read my review of Bad Dragon as a company here.

I ordered a pre-made Stan size mini, medium firmness, or firmness 5, with beautiful gold marbling and a blue base. It was completely impulsive and not at all thought through. I later waffled back and forth about if I had made a good decision until it arrived. I think I was more anxious than excited when it arrived, especially since I picked it up on my way out the door and couldn’t open it for hours later.


–First Impressions–

I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I had never owned an all silicone dildo before Stan. My silicone toys were all vibrators and the silicone coats the hard plastic (like my We-Vibe couples). I watched some videos to try to get an idea and thought I wanted as firm as possible while still having some squish. I was intending on purchasing firm when I purchased from Bad Dragon, however, impulse got the best of me when I fell in love with this little Stan on the adoptions page. My Stan was firmer than I expected so I was definitely pleased with that. I ranked it’s firmness with some of my other dildos and feel it is probably the closest to my Vixskin Mustang. However, you really cannot compare Bad Dragon silicone to the dual density. The squish on the softer layer of the Vixskin (mostly the head) feels softer than that of the medium Bad Dragon, however, because of its firmer core, I’d say the Bad Dragon feels squishier and is definitely less rigid. The silicone feels squishier than the softer layer of the Tantus O2 on my Flurry as well. I think my next toy from Bad Dragon will be in the firm, so that I can compare the firm to medium.

I was thrilled with the coloring which is what I fell in love with in the first place. The detailing is very attractive, and I love the marbling effect on the shaft. The base is a very pretty blue and it almost looks a bit like a clam shell. There is a bit of an imperfection with the color bleeding into the base as you can see in my picture, but that doesn’t bother me. I realized later the Stan can be made with a suction cup base for an extra $10, but mine was already pre-made and did not come with one. I sort or regret not upgrading, but oh well. I definitely want to try a suction cup base on my next Bad Dragon toy as the entire base of the toy itself is a suction cup which seems effective and attractive.


I also ordered some Teenie Weenies. I love them and their colors. Their bases stick to surfaces but only if they are upright, not like a suction cup against a wall or anything- though that would be really cool! I received a Bumble Hooves the Unicorn in a frosty, light mint color, which is my favorite color of my Teenie Weenies, and as it turns out, is glow in the dark. I also received a Rex the German Shepard in a pastel blue color, Hanns the Mandrake in all white, a Nova the Breeder in purple, and a maroon Razor the Doberman. I do think they are overpriced though, $5 per Teenie Weenie? Only available in bundles of 5? Ya, no. The lure of small things fooled me once, never again!


–In Use–

The first thing I did when I was able to open it was boil my Stan, well first I washed it with soap and water then I boiled to be sure I got off everything and anything it could have come in contact with until it arrived, like a fresh start! I like being overly thorough sometimes. It boiled well, as it should, since it is silicone. Then I let it dry and cool down while I put on something sexy to watch and started up my Tango. I was a little worried about the size, but I was able to take it all and fairly easily. I made sure I had already orgasmed once and then lubed up using about twice as much lube as I normally do. The head is shaped sort of like a rounded triangle so it eases in well. By the end I was wishing for just a bit more length though. I still need to get the hang of how to thrust it, and work on whatever muscles I use when thrusting. I may end up using this toy less as a thrusting toy and more as a filling/full sensation toy. However, right now I don’t care for that much.

I was really enamored with it because it was new and pretty, but I’m not sure I’m as thrilled with the sensations it provides. I couldn’t really discern any of the specific details of the shaft, and the head doesn’t really do a ton for my g-spot or a-spot, possibly because I’m not that big on my g-spot and it isn’t really designed as an a-spot toy due to its large bulbous head and short length. I was so eager to get something out of this toy that I was using it fairly aggressively hoping maybe more would feel better. Its girth left me feeling a bit pummeled, wanting, and lacking. Very reminiscent of my first sexual experiences. Not a feeling I enjoy, or want from a sex toy or partner. Something I did find that felt unique and good, was when my boyfriend inserted it as deep as it could go and twisted the dildo so the tallest point nudged at places I rarely feel. I wasn’t able to cum from that but it did feel pretty stimulating in an unusual way that I wasn’t so sure about.


–Final Conclusions–

All in all, Bad Dragon is a really unique company. The Stan is great for what it was designed for, being a large dildo. If you want a girthy fantasy dildo this could be a fantastic option for you, as it is one of their largest toys and comes in many larger sizes. However, if you are wanting a silicone dildo for a-spot stim or g-spot stim, I’d spend your money on something else.

*As I don’t have a prostate I cannot comment on how it feels on a prostate in any way shape or form. It does have a base, however, rather than a very wide and suddenly flared base, this base merely gradually gets wider in the front. The back does have a ridge, but it is only in the back and is fairly short. Being overly cautious (and I believe you cannot be too cautious when it comes to body safety) it doesn’t seem like the safest base for anal play, therefore I will not recommend it for anal use.