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image_1When Blush contacted me to review for them I was a little hesitant. I knew that they carried toys that were porous and I hadn’t really heard much about them good or bad. Dangerous Lilly did cover them when talking about similar toy designs and that’s about the extent I knew of them. I told them I would love to review their products, but that I only review non-porous toys. They directed me to some of their silicone lines and I was instantly attracted to the Audre. All silicone, waterproof, rechargeable, and flexible?? I have been looking for a very specific toy, I love my Magic Wand Rechargeable and my We-Vibe Tango, but I wanted something of a combination of the two. I was really hoping the Audre could fill this role, which is why I was so excited to try it out, could this be my Goldie-Locks vibrator?

image_6The branding they chose for Audre is fairly anthropomorphic and very Victoria’s Secret-esque, which isn’t exactly my style, but I was willing to overlook that. I was sent the pink, and I like it, oddly enough; though I will always advocate for more unique colors. I love the silicone on it, it is a very soft, matte silicone that does a phenomenal job at repelling cat hair. In fact it’s one of my only silicone toys I can dry with a towel without any fuzz sticking to it. I just can’t stop handling it. It does have a smell to it that I can’t quite place, which is odd to me since silicone shouldn’t hold smells (Thank you so much to Dangerous Lilly for giving an amazingly thorough response to the smell question, which can be viewed in the comments section). I did contact them about it, and they said that they would ask their materials specialist. I was told that the smell may be due to the cleaning detergent during the finishing process and that it was safe and the smell should dissipate in time. So far the smell has lightened up, but it’s still a little odd to me. No one else I have talked to has experienced this and another reviewer, Gabby, flame tested it and said it performed as silicone should, which is very promising and validates what Blush told me.

I was so excited when it arrived, the first thing I did was take it out and squeeze and flex it. I love how flexible it is and the way it was done. The bottom where the controls are is somewhat squishy and the middle, the thinnest part, is where it flexes from. The toy charges through a small charging port on the bottom of the toy (the tabbed end rolls out in the direction the little arrow points, just make sure it is sealed closed before washing!!). It comes with the USB adapter and unlike the magnet of my Tango, it stays put very well. It flashes while charging, but the lights are fairly dim. While I haven’t timed it, the charge doesn’t seem to last the full 50 minutes. It has definitely died mid-sex more than once on me though, so make sure to keep it charged between uses. I think this is where those lights could be most helpful, a “low battery” flashing light would be great to remind me to charge it.


The Audre has 3 levels, and 4 patterns. I like to increase my power as I go, and the Audre has a good low/medium/high. I am not a huge fan of patterns, but the ones they have are nice. I wish the ramp-up one stayed at the highest setting just a bit longer, as it is extremely teasy. I also enjoy the faster pulsing. The buttons are very easy to push and are squishy, which I adore!! There is an on/off button that turns the device on/off, and then you have to hit the vibrate button to turn on the vibrations and cycle through the different settings. The problem with this is that I have accidentally hit the off button during sex when I meant to increase power, and I got turned around as to which button was which, interrupting the sex. You also need to scroll through all settings instead of having an up/down button. It’s not a deal breaker, but it can be annoying if I decide I bumped up the power too early.


It is hard for smaller, rechargeable toys to have a lot of power, but I think the Audre could hold its own. I was quite impressed with how strong it was when I opened it, though it does seem somewhat weaker than my Tango. I would say the highest setting was comparable to the second setting on the Tango. While I am used to the power on my MWR and Tango, I was still able to orgasm from the Audre. I however, do not require a ton of power to reach orgasm, but I do like having power. I would prefer the Audre to be a bit more powerful, and have one more power level, but for what it is, I think it works well enough, especially if you don’t need a ton of power.

-In Use-

On my clit during masturbation it performed how I expected. The toy was able to fit amazingly between my labia, which was awesome. I loved that it was just bulky enough to spread and hold my labia open. What I was really curious about though was during sex and internal stimulation. It is not an a-spot toy, which is my favorite sexual sensation. I was really impressed with how strong the vibrations felt internally as most internal vibrators I have tried have lost a lot of their vibration inside of me. While using my MWR on my clit and the Audre internally, I was really able to get something out of my g-spot which is very unusual for me. The flex was really great for this as I was able to push down on the bottom of the toy and have gentle pressure on my g-spot. The Audre also stayed in my vagina better than most other dildos I have, most just kind of work their way out, but the shape of the Audre really keeps it in place, though it will rotate if I do not hold on to it while it is vibrating. During face-to-face sex, with my boyfriend on top, it didn’t stab anyone like my MWR, but it did end up getting nudged into my stomach with every thrust which was fairly distracting and annoying. Since the toy is merely coated in silicone, rather than being all silicone, I wasn’t expecting a ton of squish, but it is actually pretty forgiving with me on top during sex and grinding on it, especially compared to the hard plastic of my Tango. However, between the two of us it did dampen the vibrations significantly, and I felt myself wanting more power even on the highest setting.

So how did it stack up with what I wanted? My biggest issue was wanting more power. I think being a vibrator, once you have body-safe materials, power is the next most important thing that defines a toy. As long as you have lower settings for people who don’t like more power or who like to slowly increase their power, you can’t go wrong with more power. I think I will continue to use this toy in my sex life, but will probably only use it in certain settings- during masturbation externally first, then internally while using my MWR; during the beginnings of sex with my partner to get things going before eventually switching to something with more power; or as a replacement for my Tango when my clit is already bruised or sore.


Thanks so much to Blush for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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  1. Something that people don’t seem to realize is that yes….silicone CAN hold on to odors. It’s perfectly normal. Silicone is still technically porous – it just won’t make a nice home for bacteria and mold. Odors from the silicone can be attributed to:

    The packaging: maybe there’s a dye or glue used in the packaging that is particularly strong. I’ve had this happen especially with companies who use foam inserts to hold their toys in place (usually they are including a storage case).
    The mold release agent: To help the silicone release from the mold, something is sprayed in the mold. It’s supposed to be washed off but can get overlooked.
    Cleaning chemicals used after it’s created: This is also why you should really wash every sex toy before you use it for the first time
    There’s also a type of silicone called High-Temperature Vulcanized which is sometimes utilizing platinum-cured silicone and sometimes peroxide-cured silicone (which is still considered bodysafe). If they didn’t quite get the temps high enough in HTV w/ peroxide cure, there can be a lingering odor that should dissipate in a few days of being left to air out. Sitting in suffocating packaging straight out of the production room tends to trap odors.

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