We-Vibe Tango

We-Vibe TangoHow do I even write a review for the Tango? It’s just that fucking awesome. Plus you’ve probably heard that numerous times, but I am beyond in love.

I got mine in my Passionate Play collection along with the We-Vibe 4+ and a white silk sash, so mine is in Ivory. I have debated owning more than one, and regret I didn’t purchase a second one when they still had a big sale going. There isn’t really much for me to say about it other than it is by far the best bullet vibe I have ever used. It has amazingly rumbly vibrations and it is pretty pinpoint to hit all the right spots. It is rechargeable, waterproof, a snap to clean, and it’s the Tango. It speaks for itself.


-In Use-

I use the Tango on the lower settings of the steady vibration, ramping it up after a while. I’m not very fond of patterns as they don’t do much for me, but the wave has a very teasing feeling to it. I rarely ever use it though, because I know I won’t orgasm from that, and I just get frustrated and switch to the steady vibrations. The lowest setting was usually enough to get me off (I’ve started wanting a bit more power), but I rarely go past the second to lowest setting when using it alone. If I am using it between my labia during sex, I ramp it up higher because the vibrations tend to get dulled. Keep in mind though, I do not need as strong of vibrations as some people might, but power is in no way something the Tango is lacking. I do not own any toys that would work as attachments for the Tango, so I currently only use it as a clit vibe, or occasionally on my boyfriends penis. I typically lay it flat against my clit, nestled between my labia. I use it while masturbating or during sex and it sometimes stays on its own during sex, but I usually hold the base of it steady so I can move it where my clit demands.

I have used it on my boyfriend and while it isn’t his favorite thing, he does occasionally enjoy it. He says he prefers it lower on his shaft because higher up already has too much sensation, especially if I am using my hands rather than just pressing the Tango onto him. He says he doesn’t think he could orgasm from the vibration alone, but it does provide interesting and new sensations that he enjoys.



The Tango, as with anything, does have its issues though. First, It’s pretty pin-point, which, while it may work well for me using it on myself, my boyfriend doesn’t have as much precision as I do. Which can be really frustrating needing it immediately on the left side of my clit, and then having to try to explain to my boyfriend what that means in the heat of the moment. My clit can be very demanding, there’s no shame in that, I just need to work around it sometimes. This also wouldn’t be great for people who need or prefer broader stimulation unless they were planning to use it as a bullet vibe inside a broader toy, but as I do not own any of those types of toys, I cannot say how well that would work.

The next issue I have is the controls. While it does pick up on the setting you left off on if you turn it off via the “hold for two seconds” method, there’s no way to tell what level/setting you are on without scrolling all the way through and turning it off and on again.  One button for everything. This one button also cannot be travel locked.

Another issue is the material. It is made of hard ABS plastic and the one button control is covered in silicone. The plastic can mean a lot of pressure and potential bruising from pressing or grinding too hard on it. Also, because there is a seam where silicone meets plastic it can catch gunk. Luckily it is waterproof so just make sure to really get in that seam.

The final issue that I struggle with, and I know I am not alone in this, is that they can be temperamental. I have heard numerous stories of them dying out fairly easily. Ticking, rattling, batteries dying, overheating when recharging. The Tango also has a magnetic charging base that doesn’t stay put too well and can be a pain when charging. Mine experiences some of these, but I still think it is worth it. Nothing is perfect I guess.


-Final Thoughts-

To understand how much the Tango really changed my sex life, you can read all about my orgasm journey. The Tango was the next step after my Couple 2+ that facilitated my sex life revolution.

We purchased the Passionate Play collection because my Couple 2+ was the most amazing thing I ever experienced during sex at that time and wanted the newest model. I loved that the collection included the limited edition Aqua color of the 4+ and the Ivory Tango. While I rarely use the Couple 4+ that came with the collection, I almost always reach for my Tango, even if to just have it close by during sex. It has become an integral part of sex for me now. While I use both my Tango and my MWR pretty interchangeably during sex now, my Tango will always hold a place in my heart as my most used, most successful, and most loved toy. It absolutely changed my life- I am now able to orgasm, hands-free, during sex. Which I honestly never thought would happen. I cannot thank We-Vibe enough.

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