Lelo Luna Beads

Luna Beads Box

This wasn’t my first experience using kegel balls, but that was many years ago, and I only used those once- so for all intents and purposes, I really am new to the kegel game. I had tried doing them on my own (ya know, the squeezing technique) but wasn’t really sure if I was doing it right or if I was even doing anything at all. I have never really been able to get much out of vaginal penetration and figured strengthening up my pc muscle and investing in a g-spot toy would be the best way to get started. After reading Epiphora’s many praises of the Luna Beads, I went with her recommendations to get the regular size instead of the mini’s.

I have a list of toys I want set up kind of like the old school Netflix que, so the next one on my list was the Luna Beads. I ordered them on a whim one Sunday when I realized I was way under budget and really wanted a new toy. I was so excited to get them that I was incessantly tracking them. I ordered them directly from Lelo and used the 20% off I got from completing the Global Sex Survey 2015. It took them longer than I was hoping to send me the email that they got sent off (the original processing emails were very timely), so I contacted them. Right after I emailed them, I noticed they had sent me the confirmation email that they had been sent off using good ‘ol USPS. My email got sent into their ticketing system and a complaint ticket was created- complete with a link to monitor the progress of the complaint. I have no experience for how well they handle things after this point, but at this stage you have decent access to managing your ticket/complaint. I was able to close the ticket easily by emailing them.

I was ecstatic when they arrived, but unfortunately had to run to work. I could hear them rattling from the packaging and told my boyfriend so. He didn’t realize they were supposed to rattle and suggested we open them before I left for work to make sure they weren’t broken. They are beautiful. I will admit though, I didn’t realize the plastic was clear enough to be able to see the inner beads. I even had to confirm with Epiphora’s pictures that they were supposed to look like that. To me, they look a little cheap being able to see the inner bead like that, but I also think it’s kind of cool to see their inner workings.

I first tried them on my period, and I feel like my vagina fit them a bit better on my period, but they fit just fine normally as well. The blood obviously washed off of everything fine (they are made from hard plastic with a silicone harness; non-porous toys should never stain because of blood). I used both pink balls to start. I could feel them slightly when bending and getting up out of bed. I didn’t experiment too much with jumping or anything- although I did thrust the air vigorously and still couldn’t feel them much. The next time I tried them was after my period, and I could definitely feel them more that time, basically any time I moved. I can’t really feel them when being jostled while on my back, but laying on my side- especially with a leg thrown over my boyfriend and him rocking me- oooo! Oooo baby! My boyfriend comically humped me in the spooning position and that felt really good but wore out my vagina a bit.

Luna Beads

Something of note- when my vagina started to feel worn out, I took them out and we started having sex immediately after. It was feeling amazing for both of us. He said I felt a bit tighter than normal, and I felt a lot more stimulation from penetration than I normally do. Adding in the tango was an unbelievable combination. Unfortunately, our friend knocked on the door a few seconds after I started using the tango so we had to cut things short, but it felt amazing.

I can’t wait to keep using these and see my strength go up. I have yet to see any significant change to my orgasms, although every time I have sex lately I’ve been more and more in tune with internal stimulation. I’m not sure if it is because I’m getting more in tune with my g-spot or the Luna Beads though. I have yet to use the blue balls as I want to ease into it rather than doing a rigorous routine, and I plan to buy some heavier beads at some point. I feel like I will always like these for the fun and sexy sensations, even if I have surpassed the capacity for strengthening they provide.

Final conclusions: LIKE!! Definitely money well spent. If you are looking for a body safe set of kegel balls for strengthening or just for fun, I recommend these! They are a bit pricier than some, but they are body safe and really high quality (plus you can usually find a discount on them if you time it right between SheVibe and the Global Sex Survey which Lelo seems to do yearly).