Life Update 3/13/16

I wish I was putting up a review today, but instead I have tons of exciting news as promised. Let’s break it down!

  • I just signed my lease on an amazing duplex. I love the area it is in, there are tons of great restaurants and shops in walking distance, including a liquor store and a really great little fine foods shop. It is so much bigger and has everything I was looking for except instead of getting two bathrooms, I got one small bathroom without an exhaust fan. But everywhere has sacrifices.
  • I am looking into getting my own domain name and web hosting!! I am learning so much about the process, I had no idea how detailed and intricate it was! Stay tuned for any possible changes!
  • I am finishing up a few last minute things for getting into grad school. It is really stressful and exciting. I am nervous if I’ll be able to handle working full time at my job and going to school full time, but I really want this and I can always drop to taking classes part time if I need to.
  • As part of the final steps in applying to grad school, I took my GMAT yesterday!! I was a bundle of nerves before, as you might have seen on my Twitter, but it is behind me now! I did not do as well as I wanted, but I will not let this hold me back from my dreams.

So, now I am just preparing and waiting for everything to happen. Which means thinking about how I am going to decorate, cleaning my current place to get ready to pack up everything, waiting to hear back from schools, defending my ability to succeed despite GMAT scores, and learning more about web hosting. This means a lot of exciting changes ahead for me and my blog. I cannot wait to share them with you!!

The New Year

Well, 2015 has been a very interesting year. I had a fantastic Christmas Eve and in case you missed my Twitter summary, I’ll re-post it all here (obviously copied and condensed):

Christmas Eve has always been more special to me than Christmas. The anticipation, the annual last minute shopping trip, the dinner. This year was the first year I couldn’t make our shopping trip because of work. I’m grateful for my job, but it wasn’t the same. Celebrating my Christmas Eve w/ my love & kitten, I forgot the champagne but have plenty of wine, baileys & hot chocolate & Chinese food. Just had amazing Christmas Eve sex to Christmas music and Netflix’s yule log fire. I have a good life. That was some of the most intimate, beautiful, relaxing sex I’ve ever had.

With the new year coming up, and it being my anniversary, I figured I should make a post wrapping up the year and documenting some of the changes happening in my life.

Key Moments of 2015:

I started this blog and reviewing sex toys

I started my first real job since graduating college

I went from part-time to full-time

I lost a family member

My partner and I moved in together

I orgasmed in front of someone other than me

I orgasmed during sex

Orgasming during sex became consistent

I went paintballing

I attended a wedding of a new friend

I had an amazing Christmas Eve

I survived the Christmas rush at work


Goals for 2016:

To get a new job

To find a program to go back to school for

To find a better birth control

To find a new place to live

To make more friends


Allover Favorite Toy of 2015: WeVibe Tango because it totally revolutionized my sex life

Favorite Vibrator of 2015: Magic Wand Rechargeable because the power during sex feels soo so good and brings me to my knees.

Favorite Dildo of 2015: Tantus Slow Drive Long because it hit the right spot perfectly and immediately

Favorite Month of 2015: July because of my Fourth of July, I was gaining knowledge at my job, and my boyfriend was enjoying his job. Things were in general very care-free and fun.

Speaking of 2016, wait for these reviews next year!

That’s about a wrap from me- I hope you all had a great year! I would love to hear about the highlights of your year in the comments!

Life update- 11/5/15

I know, I know! You haven’t gotten those reviews I’ve promised, but I am working on it. Things have gone from busy to “When the hell did it become November, it’s not still September?” very quickly. I am apprehensive about getting into it because I’m actually a really private person when it comes down to it. So here’s the short of it- we had a coworker leave work so I’m picking up her shifts, and I am in training to assume an advanced interim position- which is actually extremely exciting and challenging in the best way. However, this means work went from a very flexible part-time job to full-time and staying late most days in about two weeks. Then we had a very sudden death in the family which is causing family drama, lots of scrambling to make arrangements and organize/find everything, and most importantly those closest to him are struggling to accept this massive hole in their lives. My mom and her mother were hit the hardest, and naturally my mom is worried about her mother, and I am worried about both of them. Then this week my dad’s father went in for a procedure that did not go well, but we don’t really know much else at this point.

I thought this kind of whirl wind stuff only happened in the movies, but I guess I should be used to the fact that when it rains it pours by now. I am handling it pretty well I think at this point. I’m just glad that I can be far enough from the emotional side of everything (in that I did not know him very well) that I can help my mom handle all the arrangements and technical side of things, because frankly, that’s the last thing a grieving person should have to worry about.

But I am working on those reviews and one day I will release them! So thank you for being patient with me, things are hard around here, but I’m hanging in there.

Learning my body after all these years: Finding my cervix!

Cervix diagramSo this is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I’ve never actually consciously searched for and felt my cervix until recently. I guess I never had much reason to or thought it necessary or important to interact with my cervix. However, I have had issues with my cervix from irritation from my Nuva Ring, to pain when it’s been hit during intercourse, to difficulties using internal products because I just don’t understand my vagina. I feel like identifying something I’ve felt numerous times has been undeniably empowering for me. I have felt my cervix, I have one. Not that I had any doubt but I’d never felt it, how many parts of our body can we say we just discovered?? The reason I’ve never much noticed it before is because my cervix is soft and high. Even on my period when it is harder and lower, it still took me looking for it to realize that was my cervix and not just some random part of my vagina, because it is high and soft- basically the same as the rest of my vagina, just shaped differently. I had to know what I was looking for and look for it, otherwise it all just seemed like internal flesh to me. Because I never really understood my vagina. I had curves and it extended in weird spots, which I now realize as my cervix and the space around my cervix; my anterior and posterior fornix. I always assumed my vagina was just a tube with my cervix being the very top, but it’s not. My cervix isn’t flat on the top. In my case, sticking a finger straight into my vagina, my cervix will be felt on the pad of the finger and not the tip. This makes more sense when looking at a median plane cross diagram of the vagina/uterus rather than a frontal plane. From a frontal plane it simply looks like the cervix is at the top, whereas a median plane looks like the cervix comes in from the side as evidenced in the picture at the top which I found from Google. I’ve only lived with this cervix/vagina pairing all my life and never realized how the two different ways of viewing it affected my perception of where I thought my cervix was. Now that I know what I’m feeling, my vagina makes so much more sense to me. I feel more confident in my ability to pick out a menstrual cup appropriate for my anatomy. I feel more comfortable in my ability to use certain barrier methods of birth control, should I choose to use those. I feel so much more connected to my body. If you haven’t explored your body and your cervix, if you have one, I recommend you do. And if you don’t have a cervix, get to know your body too- being familiar with your body when it is healthy will help you identify when something changes that could possibly be serious. Feel your breasts, feel your testicles, massage your prostate, find your cervix. Just get comfortable with your body and the anatomy that you have, it’s yours and it could save your life!

* I realize some people experience dysphoria on varying levels, if that is the case- do what is best for you. I am not a doctor, but if feeling and exploring parts of your body will be bad for you and your mental/emotional health/overall well-being, then listen to that. You know you better than anyone. Just don’t ignore obvious signs of potential maladies and see a doctor regularly.

What will my next toy be??

A lot has been going on this past month. I’ve nearly doubled the hours I was working, my boyfriend went back to school, and I got my first review out. I have more reviews on the way, and hopefully will have more toys on the way!! If you haven’t already, check out my ever expanding wish list. While it isn’t really in any particular order (or comprehensive in the least!), I do keep a personal order of what type of toys I would like to buy. My previous toy was a kegel exerciser, hence I bought my Luna Beads. Next up is a gspotter! I am beyond horribly indecisive though, and my list started out insurmountably long. It was then narrowed down to twelve, then to eight, then more added, then down to four, then more added, then back down to four, and now I’m down to two. The VixSkin Mustang and the Tantus Flurry 02. I really wish they still made the Mustang in the flour-a-green, because that would be my top choice. I’m between a flesh tone and the flour-a-pink. I normally dislike pink, but it’s so electric it is very tempting.

I have owned a few vibrators that were probably designed to be insertable/thrusting toys, but I almost never used them this way because it did nothing for me. However, now my gspot is more alive than ever, and I am so excited to finally own a body-safe dildo that I will actually use. While I have c-shaped toys, I don’t have any insertable toys that I thrust with or any that really stimulate my gspot. My Thrill and Couple definitely opened the door to my gspot, but it still needs loads of help. I have come so far just with that little nudge of the c-shaped toys already. I used to get absolutely zero stimulation from penetration, and now penetrative sex greatly adds to my pleasure. I am so excited to see what sexual doors this toy opens for me (if I ever decide on one!).

Anyway, time seems to get away from me much easier now that I am working more. I can’t believe it took me so long to get my first review out, but hopefully it won’t take weeks for the next. My Luna Beads review is about done, and I expect to do a follow up on that with regards to the strengthening aspect of it down the road. I am also wanting to do a few reviews on reusable menstrual products and possibly lingerie, as well as the other toys I currently own. I will try to keep posting updates as well as reviews and other things I deem worthy, who knows. I want this blog to be a fun way for me to document, explore and enrich my sex life.


Hey everyone! So I’m hoping to get my first official review up here soon. There’s been a lot going on lately. I just got my Lelo Luna Beads in this week, but I have a bunch of other toys I want to get reviews out for first.

There was also the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit which I unfortunately was unable to attend, but was able to see updates from people there via Twitter. From the looks of it there was some really important information being discussed which I love!

There are also a few contests that ran recently. Dangerous Lilly‘s site had one and Hey Epiphora has one going for the cordless and rechargable Magic Wand (5 to be exact). Dangerous Lilly’s is now closed, but results should be announced tomorrow! Lilly is giving away a Tantus Duchess, a Jopen Key Comet 2, and a WeVibe Glow which is an accesory for the Tango.

I am also steadily working on my logo/avatar still so hold tight for that! I am really excited on the progress I’ve made so far and cannot wait to share it with you all!
I am going to try to post at least once a week, so hopefully I can get my site all polished and a review or two up soon!