Astroglide Ultra Gentle Lube review

astroglide frontAs you may remember from my Rousey post, I’m a huge fan of lube. Lube is great. There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to using lube, whether you are using it for added fun or necessity. However, not all lubes are made the same! It is important to make an informed decision about your lube based on facts and your experiences with your body.

So without further ado, my first lube review:

I got this lube at a grocery store. I went to the easiest place to find some lube and looked for the best bet for me. I had tried a few lubes before, normal lubes, heated lubes, etc. the heated lube was my first experience with a lube that really burned. I assumed it was because it was a little too strong of a heating agent and my body is very sensitive. I now know that it was because of all of those chemicals that caused the burning! Needless to say, I never used that lube again.

Flash forward 5 years and I am in search of lubes again. I am conscientious of the fact that my body is very sensitive, and I need to use something that will be gentle on my body. I looked at all the lubes they offered, which was only a handful of bottles. The Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel was marked Sensitive Skin at the top. I went with that one as it seemed like my best bet.

The lube itself seemed promising as it was a very thick gel compared to other lubes I’ve tried. I like thicker I think, though this will be personal preference. I enjoyed it fine the first few times I used it, and I only used a pea sized amount. The cap opens easily and doesn’t leak. The design is nice and attractive, but it just doesn’t quite fit where I store my go-to items. It is water based, which is good since most of my toys are silicone and it is recommended to not use silicone toys with silicone lube. At first glance, it looked very promising. However, eventually I started feeling that tingling, burning. It felt like the lube was a little gummy and wouldn’t keep things well lubricated for long. This, I am learning, is because of the chemicals in the lube. Chemicals that aren’t very friendly to skin, especially sensitive skin. Go figure.

astroglide back

There is some research coming out about lubes, the quality of lubes, and the effect it has on our bodies. There is research about osmolality, pH balance, as well as chemicals that are in our lubes. Mucous membranes on genitals are very sensitive which is why this research is so important. You can check out the slides presented by Sarah Mueller at Woodhull 2015 here. In short, it discuses how the composition and design of a lube impacts our bodies, and thereby impacting our sexual experiences.  It also shows what to look for when picking out a lube. It doesn’t cover all lubes, but it gives you a good idea of some of the bigger name brands, like Astroglide.

You can also check out Artemisia FemmeCock’s post on LubeScouting for more information.

Because of my experience with it, and all the research coming out, I cannot recommend this lube or really any Astroglide. As this is my first lube review, if you are looking for a lube, I recommend Sliquid. I have three of their water-based lubes, which as I mentioned are good if you are pairing them with silicone toys.  Keep an eye out for my review of Sliquid lubes!