Let me tell you about my best friend

So my partner is my best human friend, but my best friend- that’d be my pup, Bubbles.

My Bubbles is one of the most important parts of my life, and I consider him my family and best friend. He’s laying on me as I write this. Bubbles is actually a cover name for him- he has a very unique name, and if anyone who knew us saw pictures of him and his name, they’d know it was me instantly, so Bubbles it is!

When I first brought him home, we were inseparable immediately. He was extremely skiddish, and the first thing he did when I let him out of his carrier was run right to my room and lay down on my bed. He must have been able to smell that it was my room as he’d never been there and went upstairs to find it. Since then we sleep cuddled up next to each other!

He’s the softest, most adorable little guy. He loves me so much, and I love him so much. We are so much alike too. Whenever a delivery driver knocks on the door, he growls and then runs and hides. I’m usually not wearing pants and don’t want to interact with people, so I run and hide too. Then we peer around the corner at each other from our hiding spots until my boyfriend says it’s safe to come out. We’re both kind of lazy too and love snuggling and being warm. We both have the same favorite food: cheese! Though I don’t let him eat it, it’s pretty much the only thing he will beg for. We both also have anxiety, and we work together to help each other out when we are stressed and anxious. He’s such a good friend- always looking out for me! Lately he’s started over-grooming a bit from anxiety, and I try to help him out with that. I’ve found when he gets wet food he isn’t as stressed. Our idea of playing together is snuggling and yawning together. Speaking of kitty yawns, I love smelling his breath when he yawns. He has the sweetest little kitty breath, and it’s always warm and loving and makes me feel really close to him. We’re both also very goofy and weird, we’re such a good fit for each other! I call him a puppy a lot because he acts like a dog- he growls at people that knock on our door, he isn’t much of a jumper or any other cat stereotype. He’s a total lap cat through and through. No counter-top lounging for this kitty!

Well, there you have it! Bubbles is my best friend and I’m sure you’ll see a lot more from him in the future!

Update: 10/19/16- It is with the greatest sadness in my heart to announce that my Bubbles has left this world after a short battle with a brain tumor. He was so loved and will never be forgotten. We will miss him dearly. Thank you to everyone who helped me during this time, especially Dizzy from Toy Meets Girl  and @FugaPericulum