Company Review: Bad Dragon

Read my review of the Bad Dragon Stan here.

I should warn you before I begin my company review, I have heard negative buzz about their customer service and company. I cannot personally verify or validate any of it, all I know is that my order turned out fine.

I ordered the Stan from Bad Dragon in the fall of 2015. I personally don’t have any draw towards the fantasy dildos, but I like the variety of shapes/sizes/textures/colors that Bad Dragon offers as well as their extreme customization capabilities.

First, they have a wide variety of actual toy models they offer (dildos, sleeves, sheaths, and accessories). Then, you can either purchase a pre-made one, like I did, or customize your own. Finally, you have options of size, firmness, and coloring, and some toys can even have a cum tube (allowing the toy to ejaculate Bad Dragon’s own cum lube, or ya know any other water-based lube) and/or a suction cup base. Their sizes vary pretty greatly by toy though, so make sure to read up on the specs before choosing. All of these different modifications and add-ons come at a price though, and they add up quickly!

One thing that was odd to me was that you never really get a chance to review your order. Unless I somehow missed it- I didn’t get a run-through of my order and information until the order confirmation page.

I didn’t actually have any serious issues with my order, other than me being extremely impatient and overly concerned. I didn’t get an email until my order was shipped, which was different than the normal “Welcome to ____” email, followed by the, “We got your order” email, then the “We are shipping your order” and lastly “How was your experience?”. So impatient, anxious me was worried something was wrong and I’d never get my Stan, but I did.

I placed my order late night on a Friday and it arrived the following Friday morning. I chose to ship through FedEx, but they offer UPS as well. The order came with purple tissue paper, and the Stan was in a plastic bag rather than a box like I’m used to with Lelo and WeVibe. It does not come with any storage pouch, so for now he lives in a quart sized ziplock.

My biggest issue with the order was that at the time they were running a deal where if your pre-made toy didn’t ship out the next day, they would give you a coupon for the total price. Since my toy did not ship out the next day, and it was a pre-made toy, I thought I had qualified. However, because my order also included the Teenie Weenies, which are apparently custom items (despite being randomly picked), my order did not qualify.

In sum, I really love how customizable and unique their products are. I also love that they offer a wide range of body safe, silicone toys including masturbation sleeves, which is rare. I was also satisfied with my experience with them. However, keep in mind that there are many documented concerns regarding their customer service and the integrity of their company. Many reviewers have sworn off Bad Dragon because of this. Bad Dragon is probably the most well known fantasy dildo maker, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best.

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